Covid19 and 2020 Photography Policies


Lisa Doane Photography – Covid 19 Photography Policies

Let’s take some pictures! LDP is getting back to work, with few changes! 

Starting May 18th, I will begin booking clients again for this spring, summer, and fall. 

The safety of my clients has been and will remain my top priority throughout this health crisis. Early on in the pandemic, I coordinated with all my existing clients to reschedule spring sessions until later in the calendar year and while it has not been easy to stay out of the field for so long, I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things! In the interests of both mine and all my clients’ safety, there will be some changes to my usual processes and policies going forward, but I believe that with the following adjustments, we can create beautiful photos together, safely. 

Changes to Billing & Delivery

  • I am no longer collecting deposits at this time in case we are unable to shoot due to any new COVID-19 outbreaks or state regulations. If we plan to keep our session time scheduled, payment is required and must be paid in full 24 hours before our session time and photos from the session will not be delivered until the session is paid in full.
  • I will remain extremely flexible with regard to scheduling. Clients will need to inform me 48 hours prior to a session if they wish to cancel or change any session durations, dates, or times. I will not be able to issue refunds to any clients who do not reschedule and do not show up for sessions.

Changes to Session Protocols

  • All sessions will be held outdoors and we will be observing social distancing protocols.
    • No handshakes, fist bumps, elbow bumps, or contact of any kind. 
    • We will remain at least 6 feet apart during the session at all times. 
    • If you have shot with me before, you know that typically I will bring makeup mirrors, wipes, and other personal sanitation items with me to help my clients look their best. In the interest of safety, I will be asking each client to bring their own solutions to these problems and will provide guidance during our session plan as to what to bring. 
  • Every session plan will include a consultation regarding your comfort levels and special considerations related to virus transmission. If you desire even higher levels of distancing or safety, let me know and I will create an experience that accommodates your needs.
  • I will be severely limiting shots which require short focal distances (under 6 feet) and will typically use a longer lens for most shots. This is normally how I capture the gorgeous Colorado outdoors in my shots and should not create any disruption in the quality and creativity of our session! If you have special requests for tight shots, please let me know beforehand and we will determine options that will get your desired result while maintaining overall safety.
  • For your safety and mine, I will wear a mask during our session time. Feel free to bring your mask if you’d like to grab a couple photos at the end of the session with masks on to document this strange time.
  • If you are a HS Senior, please bring a parent to help with wardrobe changes and to assist with hair and make up. A wardrobe changing tent will be provided to change in.  The tent will be cleaned and disinfected after each session.

In short: we can do this! If you have booked something with me and are nervous, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here for you, and we will work it out! If it’s a wedding, we can reschedule or downsize. 

If you would like to support me during this complicated and uncertain time, please keep referring me to others, visit my website, or “like” my photos on social media. I also have gift certificates available if you’d like to purchase one for a later session date.

I hope everyone stays well and safe and I hope to see you through my lens soon! 

Yours truly,


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