Newborn Photography | Baby Harper

Julia contacted me several months ago to inform me that her and Kristin were expecting their first baby. I was beyond ecstatic. I photographed their lovely wedding at the gorgeous, Arrowhead Golf Club near Littleton. It was one of the funnest weddings I had ever had the opportunity to photograph. Julia and Kristin are amazing women, and when I found out they wanted me to photograph their first born baby girl, I was absolutely thrilled. I won’t lie, I don’t have much experience photographing babies, so starting this new photography endeavor has been pretty exciting. Well, I can’t begin to tell you how much fun this session was.

It was obviously great to see Julia and Kristin, but it was even more exciting to meet baby Harper, and to see them grow as a family.

Julia told me that her grandma, Harper’s great grandma made her the little Santa hat and diaper cover. What a wonderful gift. Harper was born the day after Christmas. She was almost a Christmas baby.


So, remember when I said I don’t photograph babies often? Well, I’m still on the learning curve and I hate to admit it, but I alway believe it is best to be honest.  It took several tries and a YouTube video to learn how to swaddle Harper. Go ahead, you can laugh if you want. The last time I swaddled an infant was nearly 15 years ago when I had my own baby.



I wish I knew what made her smile like that. I was asked if I did something to make her smile, but that big grin came on naturally as I was taking her pictures.




Little fingers and toes, and a baby button nose.




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